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The Blank Wooden Canvas

1/8" (3mm) 12 x 16 Baltic Birch Sheets

1/8" (3mm) 12 x 16 Baltic Birch Sheets

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🌟 Elevate Your Craft with Our Premium Russian Baltic Birch Plywood Sheets! 🌲🎨

Welcome to The Blank Wooden Canvas, where we're not just selling plywood; we're handing you the key to unleash your creativity! 🚀✨

What's in the Package:
📦 Dive into your projects with our 10 pack B/BB 1/8” (3mm) Russian Baltic Birch sheets. Each sheet is a canvas of possibilities, measuring approximately 11.75” x 15.75”.

Crafted Excellence from The Blank Wooden Canvas:
🛠️ You're not just getting plywood; you're getting the same high-grade Baltic Birch we use in our shop. This 3mm (1/8”) wonder has a measurement dance between 3mm to 3.175mm because, hey, variety is the spice of woodworking life!

✅ B/BB Grade Goodness:
🎭 Single-Piece Face and Back Veneers: No seams, just a smooth, continuous canvas.
🌈 Natural Beauty: Embrace the quirks — up to 1 color-matched patch, mineral streaks, and tight pin knots. It's like each sheet has its own personality!
🌲 Solid Inner Cores: Stability is our middle name.
🎨 Dark Variations and Light Lines: The mill left its mark, adding character to your creations.
Versatile Plywood, Perfect for:

🔥 GlowForge, XTool - Laser Adventures
🔍 Precision Engraving
✂️ Scroll Saw Marvels
🌌 Laser Etching Dreams
✨ CNC Cutting Wonders
🎨 Crafting Galore
🖌️ Painting Bliss
🔥 Wood Burning Magic
🪚 Band Saw Brilliance
🚀 Sign Making Extravaganza

Measure Twice, Cut Once:
📏 Our plywood measures out as 3mm thick, but hey, it's only sanded on one side, so it might run a heavy 3mm or a little under. Pro tip: Measure before you unleash your creative tornado. Thickness may vary +/- 1/4”.

Handle with Care:
🌲 Remember, wood has a mind of its own. It can warp and dance with humidity changes. Before you dive in, flatten it out with weights, maybe a sprinkle of water, and secure it like a VIP to your laser bed with hold-down pins for that perfect cut.

🎨 The Blank Wooden Canvas hopes this Baltic Birch beauty works as seamlessly for you as it does for us. Now, go forth and create masterpieces! 🚀🌟

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