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The Blank Wooden Canvas

1/8" (3mm) 8 x 10 Baltic Birch Blanks - 20 Pack

1/8" (3mm) 8 x 10 Baltic Birch Blanks - 20 Pack

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Welcome to The Blank Wooden Canvas, your destination for premium Russian Baltic Birch plywood!

Discover the perfect canvas for your creative projects with our B/BB grade 1/8” (3mm) plywood sheets, available in convenient packs of 20 pieces. Each sheet boasts dimensions of approximately 8” x 10”, providing ample room for your artistic vision. Lighty sanded & shrink-wrapped to avoid warping.

At The Blank Wooden Canvas, we're thrilled to offer you the same top-notch Baltic Birch Plywood that fuels our own craft. Our commitment to quality shines through in every sheet. This 3mm (1/8”) marvel, ranging from 3mm to 3.175mm due to our diverse sources, encourages you to measure before diving into your project. Sourced from Russia, this B/BB grade plywood brings an exceptional touch to your creations:

🌟 Impeccable Single-Piece Face and Back Veneers – No unsightly splices to mar your design.
🌟 Character-Rich Back Veneers – Expect up to 2 petite color-matched patches resembling playful shapes, along with delicate mineral streaks ranging from dark to light brown. Natural charm at its finest!
🌟 Solid Inner Cores – These robust single-piece veneers guarantee stability.
🌟 Intriguing Variations – Embrace the allure of nature with potential dark color variations and subtle mill-induced lines.
🌟 Wood Grain Magic – Remember, wood is a living canvas, and its grains dance in unique patterns.

Speaking of dances, wood's response to humidity and climate shifts can make it waltz with warping within hours. Keep this in mind, and let's protect your projects together:

🌞 Elevate Your Creations – Baltic Birch is tailor-made for:

Laser Engraving and Cutting
Scroll Saw Wonders
Captivating Laser Etchings
Precision CNC Cuts
Crafting Galore
Expressive Paintings
Enchanting Wood Burning
Striking Sign Making
...and beyond!

Our plywood proudly measures 3mm thick upon arrival, an import from Russia's treasure trove. Please note, the sanding on one side can slightly influence thickness, so we embrace variations of a heavy or light 3mm. A gentle heads-up: measuring before embarking on your masterpiece is a brilliant practice, with a +/- allowance of about 1/4".

Grain directions might lead long or short, adding another touch of uniqueness to your designs.

We're eager for this plywood to spark your imagination, just as it does in our shop. While our wood enjoys a flat lifestyle with weights during storage, travel might encourage some adventure. Warping during shipping due to temperature and humidity changes is a possibility, but fret not! Taming the warp is possible:

💡 Flat and Fabulous – A weight during storage can work wonders.
💧 A Splash of Magic – A bit of moisture and some weight can team up to restore flatness.
📌 Pinned for Precision – Secure your plywood to your laser bed with hold-down pins for a flawlessly even cut.

Your artistic journey deserves nothing less than the finest canvas. Experience Baltic Birch plywood that's more than just a material—it's an invitation to craft dreams.

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